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Have you ever marked your children’s height on the back of the larder door, only to one day move house regretting leaving all that lovely history behind?
A Family Anthropometer is the perfect way to record your family’s growth; it can be kept for generations and is the perfect interactive ornament for any family home.

Anthropometry is the theory of measurement of the human body originally developed by Alphonse Bertillon in the 18th Century. Over the years various tools have been produced to contribute to the study of anthropology.
An Anthropometer is intended for the systematic recording of the changes in human body dimensions.

Our Anthropometers are produced from sustainably sourced hardwoods, while the majority are made from Oak, we make small batched from other attractive hardwoods such as Elm, Ash and Maple.

Oak is a fantastic wood to use as it provides us with a huge variation in character with some pieces full of burr or ‘pip’, others have huge knot holes and cracks. Some pieces are clean and straight grained and are often considered ‘modern’ but there is something available for every taste.

They are as unique and personal as a fingerprint.

Anthropometers are cut from whole boards that have been allowed to dry for several years; trees are definitely not cut down specifically for our products. The width and live edges are carefully considered to take in all the wonderful features of the wood. Sometimes extra wide boards allow us to cut a straight edged section from the middle, all the anthropometers are 1.7m tall with increments between 0.5m and 2.0m and vary in width with an average of around 150mm. The absolute bare minimum of wood is wasted.

The May Anthropometer close up
Personalisation of Anthropometer by hand

All our Anthropometers are numbered and personalised with a family name, the process for applying the text and figures is called pyrography, which is burning the letters and numbers into the wood by hand for an authentic and traditional appearance.

They are then finished with a high quality wood treatment as standard, however additional features can be added to me them even more bespoke and unique; contrasting & decorative ‘bow ties’ can be incorporated to stabilise cracks, knot holes, rot and cracks can be filled with epoxy resin in a variety of colours and there are a multitude of ways to add more pyrography for example, a love heart, family illustration, a specific date or anniversary, a logo or your entire family growth history transferred from the back of the larder door!

Each of our Anthrometers is designed to hang on a wall and is fitted with discrete recessed mounting hooks and supplied with a simple fitting kit and instructions. Simply mark the height on the wall as shown on the back of the Anthropometer and ensure the fixings are level, you are then ready to hang your Anthropometer and enjoy charting your families height.
Feel free to mark your family’s height with a sharpie pen for a permanent growth reminder in years to come.

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