Mr Cornwall’s Creative Colour Powder Pigment – Chestnut


Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours

Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours are 100% pure, finely ground powder pigments created especially for the Artisan, Craftsman and Master.  These pigments can be mixed with Odie’s finishes to create decorative finishes, man-made patinas,
and colour-matched protective finishes for furniture and floors or blend the colours together to create custom colours.

You can simply add the pigment to Odie’s oil, Super Penetrating Oil or ideally Super Duper Everlasting Oil as it is thinner. The ratio of pigment to Oil will depend on the density of stain required but we suggest starting with 2 parts oil 1 part pigment. Shake or stir vigorously to maintain a consistent solution and apply it with a non-woven pad, working the stain into the surface until the desired affect is created.

Multiple applications might be necessary, minimum 24hrs apart and be sure to buff off after an hour. It is essential that tests are carried out before applying it to your work piece.

Finally an application of clear Odies Oil, Butter or Wax will complete your project.

The level of sanding will restrict colour saturation, therefore the higher you sand, the less colour you will get, please run some tests.

Wipe off any excess stain and finish your application with the grain.

This is a custom made stain, so you will be in charge of what colour you make.

Greys wood by working with the natural tannins.

Supplied in a 9oz jar.

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£15.45 excl. vat